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Victorinox is a knife manufacturer and luxury watchmaker based in the town of Ibach, in the Canton of Schwyz, Switzerland. It is well known for its Swiss Army knives. The Swiss Army knives made by Victorinox are made of a proprietary blend steel from Germany and France. Since its acquisition of rival Wenger in 2005, it has become the sole supplier of multi-purpose knives to the Swiss army.


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Paul Timmins says

"Ordered before Christmas. Delivery shortly after. So far so good.

Then, in the new year, I got an email asking how I was enjoying my knife! Only then, after emailing them, was I told the courier couldn’t deliver and it had been returned. Remember, we’re in lockdown, I’m always in and my house has been here for about 70 years. It’s off a main road and on satnavs!

I had to wait a week for a refund. Then started getting more emails. One states I’d entered the wrong address. What? I don’t know where I live? I paid by PayPal, which includes my verified address. So even if I struggled to remember where I live, PayPal knows!!

More emails asking me how I like my knife and inviting me to leave a review. So I did, stating what a poor show they made of failing to deliver a Swiss Army knife. I got the following response.

“ Your opinion is very important to us and the Victorinox community. We appreciate you taking the time to write a review on Camper. Unfortunately your review did not meet with our review guidelines, for this reason we are unable to publish your review on our website as it included the following inappropriate content:

You have mentioned a customer service issue.

You have mentioned shipping issues.”

So it’s inappropriate to mention customer service and shipping issues. I guess that sums up this company.

Do not use!"

Ian Sturgess says

"Do not use. Very poor customer service. Package came damaged and empty which I understand can happen. But the customer service response has been terrible. It was me that had to make claims with DHL and liaise between DHL and Victorinox before I was allowed to have a refund, this took a long time and many emails.
Stupidly I gave them a second chance and ordered the same item again after I was issued a refund. However Victorinox customer services cancelled my second order stating that I had not made a claim for the loss of the first package, even after they had issued a refund! Their customer service team and administration are very poor.
I used Swiss Store UK instead, order dispatched same day and delivered with no issues. Lesson learnt, do not use Victorinox online, please learn from my experience and use a third party"

Gary5779 says

"Ordered a couple of items directly from Victorinox. After waiting many days for delivery I checked the tracking information of the carrier, DHL. This showed as being 'delivered'. I contacted Victorinox on the phone. The guy took no details at all from me and spoke over me to say that "a delivered status does not mean the package has been delivered" (!) and told me to contact Victorinox by message. When I asked why I would message when I had him on the phone he continued to talk over me repeating himself.

Contacted Victorinox by online message. Eventually got a response to say I should wait a few more days. Nothing to indicate they had even looked at my order or shown any interest in a non delivery.

Victorinox customer service is sorely lacking. My advise is not to buy from Victorinox directly but through a third party. I now have to try and get a refund."

Wolva says

"Extremely poor customer service, take ages to respond, and some items are different from expected. Extremely surprising is that their replacement watch straps did not have their logo and yet was so expensive."

HW says

"It has been more than two weeks of trying to resolve an issue regarding an undelivered purchase. The contact centre and number is manned by an agent company, which means that there is no authority or real information provided, the response was we have to raise this issue with the responsible party. I had to contact DHL personally to try and locate the packages. Finally I requested a refund and supposedly it was to be processed, but since then there has been no communication, I have sent 5 subsequent messages to chase the refund and there has been no reply.
Would not recommend buying directly from them, buy through another agent or reseller."

John Hansen says

"Al communication with this company has been nothing than a true nightmare. We have resold products from Victorinox in our web shop, during a period of 2 years. We have always treated the brand Victorinox with great respect, praised and promoted the products. As a shop we care about having a good reputation. We focus on delivering quality, i.e.. honest communication and efficient customer service.

Unfortunately our distributor, out of nowhere, started behaving really bad towards us, giving us continued problems like: Out of stock, no answers on our inquiries and lastly unacceptable prices on promotional products.

We had no other choice than contacting Victorinox
about our major issues. In our first contact to Victorinox, we firmly indicated that our contact should be treated strictly confidential.

Unfortunately Victorinox forwarded al communication between us, back to the Danish distributor.

As a result of this behaviour, we are now no longer able to purchase products to our customers.

In our terminology, Victorinox is only thinking of making money. They are not listening to real world problems at all.

We strongly suggest others to read the reviews from former employees, which can be easily found on the internet.

Additionally we encourage everyone to read more reviews on major sites."